Workers moving solar modules while installing solar panels on a residential homes roof.

Why Spring is the Perfect Time for a Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are fast becoming energy outlet that homeowners want. But when it comes to getting them installed, when is the best time?

While many people do it in the most popular time (summer) or the worst (winter), it does not beat the advantages of getting a solar panel installation in springtime.

Advantages Of Getting Solar Installation In Spring

  • Beat the summer rush
    Without question: summer is the busiest time of year for solar panel installations in Calgary. Installers might find their schedule completely blocked up thanks to the high-demand in summer. It is best if you try to beat the rush by booking an appointment before the hot months kick off.
  • Simple installation process
    With the beautiful weather out, a less crazy schedule and more time on their hands, installers will be able to expertly install a solar panel in your Calgary home without any issues.
  • Offsetting High Summer Electricity Bills
    Contrary to popular belief, electricity bills are sky-high in summer. With the heat rising and people sweating, the use of air-conditioners starts to increase. This will see electrical bills skyrocket up thanks to the high-demand. But a solar panel will see you decrease your electricity bills, and instead enjoy the perks of solar power. So it’s a win-win for both accounts.
  • Peak Summer Solar Time
    There is no better time of year to enjoy the benefits of solar panels than in summer time. With the sun out in full force, and with more daylight than the rest of the year, you will get to experience solar power at its finest. Not only will you be powering up your home, but you will reduce your utility bills in the process.
  • Take advantage of rebates
    Right now you can take advantage of the Energy Efficiency Alberta initiative where you can get rebates for your solar panel. Over the years as you pay it back, you will get to enjoy the perks that come with solar panels. Doing it now while the rebate is still a viable option.

Start reducing your carbon footprint today! Call Greener Days Solar at 403-805-2940 whether you’re looking for residential or commercial solar panels. We can take care of everything from installation to application for rebates and financing. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of solar energy. Visit us at

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