How much will it cost me?

The average Alberta household consumes about 7200 kWh of electricity per year. In Alberta, this would require a solar PV system of around 6000 installed Watts to reach net-zero electricity use on a yearly basis. Assuming a cost of $3.00/Watt of installed capacity, this system would cost about $18000. Solar PV systems today can be installed on average for between $2.50-$3 dollars an installed Watt.
While the average household in Alberta consumes about 7200 kWh electricity per year, your own consumption depends on several factors, including:
  1. The number of people living in your home
  2. Your home’s size and type (i.e. whether it’s a single-detached house, an apartment, or a condo)
  3. The age of your home
  4. How well-insulated your home is
  5. Which appliances use electricity or gas
  6. The energy efficiency of your appliances
  7. The weather
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