Solar panels at sunset with a dramatic sky.

Why You Should Get Solar Panels in Calgary

Solar is the energy source of the future! Whether you want to save money on your monthly utilities, or you’re looking for a way to do your part for the environment, solar panels in Calgary are an excellent option.

1. Solar Energy is Renewable

One of the best things about utilizing solar energy through residential solar panels is that it is a renewable energy source, unlike the fossil fuels we use to run our homes currently. Solar energy is also abundant in Calgary – did you know that we live in one of the sunniest places on earth? Calgary has more solar energy potential than Rome!

2. Reduce Your Electricity Bill

When you start using solar energy, you don’t have to worry about paying for electricity. Installing solar panels on your home is like buying your own energy source instead of renting or leasing it from someone else!

3. Solar Panels are Low Maintenance

Solar panels are made of extremely durable materials, and so they are able to withstand all that Calgary weather has to throw at them. After the initial installation, they require very little maintenance.

4. Add Value to Your Home

Not only are they a great investment from an energy standpoint, but solar panels can also increase the value of your home by up to 5%.

5. Protect the Environment

The electricity that most people use in their home comes from the burning of fossil fuels, which is damaging to the environment. Installing solar panels can reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the use of non-renewable resources and taking advantage of the cleanest energy source!

6. Solar Energy Rebates

The good news is that solar energy is now more affordable than ever! Alberta’s Energy Efficiency Initiative means there are plenty of rebates to take advantage of when you install residential solar panels.

Start reducing your carbon footprint today! Call Greener Days Solar at 403-805-2940 whether you’re looking for residential or commercial solar panels. We can take care of everything from installation to application for rebates and financing. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of solar energy. Visit us at

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